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Anonymous said: I have a crush on this guy and a lot of my friends say that we would be cute couple, plus he flirts with me hardcore :3. I don't know how to go about this, because him and I are really good friends.. And we both wan to kiss each other.. We haven't though. What should I do?

I would definteky kiss him! Just wait for him to make the first move.. if you guys are ever close enough and that felling that you want to kiss him comes… just glance at his oils then back at his eyes… and he should start to pick up on it… don’t go like back and fourth really fast.. just subtle and go with the flow. If he is the shy type… then maybe warm him up to the idea by flirting a little more.. like kiss your finger and put it on his lips or your hand. Just kind of test the waters a little bit! And don’t be so nervous.. go with the flow :) threes no need to rush anything :)

Anonymous said: I can't stop thinking about this guy he's one of those bad boys, smokes and drinks a lot. I'm not really a fan of but he use to talk to me everyday and text me late at night then we started drifting he has a girl now. But I'm crazy about him he gives me butterfly's and mini heart attacks I would nearly faint if I saw him by chance sometime what would you do we don't talk anymore now.

Honestly my opinion would be to keep your head on straight and not let yourself be distracted by influences you aren’t a fan of. If you have any bad feelings or “setbacks” with someone, you need to stay strong. There’s a better plan in store for you, you just need to believe that. For the time being it will be very hard to convince yourself that you need to move on but trust me.. from my own personal experiences, I can tell you it does get better. It gets so much better. Its hard for you to see that now and I reallly do understand that.. you just need to trust me when i say that you sound like a very strong person if your are willing to admit to a complete stranger that you aren’t a fan of some of the things your crush does. Most people boast and brag about how good or perfect their crushes are.. never pointing out any flaws because they choose to ignore them. But you, are a minority in this world. You are someone i wish more people would be like. (In the sense of your honesty, and pure heart.) And you need to stay that way, because when your time comes and things start falling into place in your life and you find this amazing guy (guy #2) who absoluely takes you to a different level.. this other guy your crushing on now (guy #1) will come running because he will have realized how stupid he was for letting you slip away… and you want to know something? You wont take guy #1 back.. because where guy #2 has taken you… what guy #2 has done for you.. and proven to you… guy #1 will never do for you. Because right now guy #1 is probably just a crush or lust.. or just plain adrenaline because he is a bad boy and intrigues you… but if you wait it out and don’t settle for something far less than you deserve… I promise you life always has a way of working out. I know that first hand.

Anonymous said: So me and this girl have liked each other for a while now. We're actually really good friends. I used to see her and talk to her all the time at school. But since school is over I almost never talk to her anymore and I cant't see her. We almost NEVER text at all. Mostly because I am too scared to text her first. The main problem is.... I feel like we're drifting apart and I don't want that to happen because I still want her to like me when we go back to school... What do I do? Advice please.

Well I think if you like her.. you shouldn’t be afraid to text her. Maybe she is in the exact same position as you and is just nervous? You texting her wouldnt automaticaly make her jump to conclusions that you like her? (Depending on what you say I guess) if it were me I would just kind of ease back into things.. since you guys are used to talking everyday at school start texting her on occassion asking how her day is or just tell her that you hope she is having a good day and that you’re thinking about her. Just make her feel like you still care.. don’t just jump out of the gates full force trying hard to keep her as close as possible.. because then you really will lose her. Just ease back into to it.. and by allowing her space and texting her from time to time asking about her day.. or randomly texting her that you’re thinking about her.. that’s sure to put you right about where you wanna be. Just be patient and don’t be afraid.. its okay to be nervous.

If I could say one thing about having a best friend like you it would be this.

I love how we see each other. I love how we can confront one another about things I couldn’t possibly imagine talking to anyone else about. I love how you make me see the world. I love how your ways have miraculously rubbed off on me and how alike we truly are. I love how you aren’t afraid to be a bitch to me to shut me up. I love how we are both so stupidly stubborn. (You more than me of course..) I love how I feel like I understand you better than you can understand yourself. I love how you actually listen and take my advice. I love how you’re there for me when I need you. I love how you cant talk on the phone for more than 5 minutes without getting off track or just completely bored. I love how you literally have stuck with me even when you had every right to leave. I love how you wrote me back while I was away. I love how I wrote you so many letters while I was gone but never sent them because I knew they wouldn’t show you how thankful I was that you had been my best friend up until the day I left. I love how much you have taught me… about life.. and love.. and friendship.. but most of all.. myself. I love how when I really need a heart to heart.. I know you’ll actually listen to me when I’m breaking down. Even though you hate long, cheesy, drawn out, over the top, conversations… you actually listen to me. But most of all… if I could only tell you one thing.. if you could only get one thing out of all this… if there is ever a time i could say only one last thing to you.. it would be… “I never would’ve made it this far without you.”


Anonymous said: So my guy friend & I are suppose to hook up.. But problem is I like him a lot, but I don't know if he likes me. All my friends say he likes me they can tell by the way he looks at me, talks to me and etc. what should I do..?

Well i would definitely hang out with him and just not have any expectations of how you want things to go. Don’t plan anything out with him either because that will just cause unnessacary tension and will make both of you feel as if it HAS to happen. I would say if you two just hung out and just took everything in as it came it would be a lot more beneficial to both of you. And don’t be afraid to flirt! Put yourself out there! I mean don’t go crazy overboard but if your friends are telling you that he is into you.. then I think you should trust them if you feel they have your best intrests in mind! I wish you the best! And feel free to give me any feedback of how ot worked out!

I am open to any and all questions you guys may have.. ill be up for awhile and would love to give advice or different perspectives for anyone who needs it. I’m here for you! Ask me anything!

So excited!!

So excited!!

I felt like things were going so good, I thought it might’ve been different this time.. I hope this is only just a phase and we pull through… I’m just nervous cause I actually started liking you. :(